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Now, Water Buffalo Tested…

Lis was just in the shop to get her bike looked over. She is back from touring Vietnam on her take apart touring bike with S&S couplings.


The bike help up to the air travel and the rigorous tour perfectly. The only major incident during the trip – being run off the road in a collision with a water buffalo!


Damage to the bike – a scratched up shifter and paint. Damage to Lis – a scraped up arm. The water buffalo came through the incident unharmed….

2 Responses to “Now, Water Buffalo Tested…”

  1. the desert fox Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    wow! she is very lucky to just get a scraped arm.
    those carabaos (or water bufalo as north americans know them) are as hard as a tank. the animal probably didn’t even felt it.

  2. No, Lis said the animal did not appear to be the least bit effected by the encounter.